Friday, May 14, 2010

Life as of right now.

Well life is a never ending roller coaster and if there is anything that Robert and I have learned is that if you wanna hear God laugh tell him your plans. Life is definately full of heartache and at times the world doesn't seem fair but then we just try to remember how blessed we actually are. We are trying to take steps forward in life and so good so far but every once in a while something happens to rip open old wounds. We have made some decisions about our lives and hopefully they won't fall apart also. Some of the plans we have for the summer involve alot of camping, fishing, and just spending lots of time together. I June we plan on going to Montana for a week to enjoy some fishing and hiking. We are going to be staying in these really fun old rustic cabins up in the mountains. In July we are going to Lake Powell for some fun in the sun and in August we are talking about going to Washington to go deep sea fishing. We went last year and loved it. Originally Robert was going to propose in Washington when we were there last year but I am really glad he didnt wait that long. So hopefully we can have a good summer with lots of fun and lots of time spent recovering from the hard year that we have had so far.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer plan! Hopefully we will be in Montana in June too. We need to find a house ;) Have a great time and celebrate your time together


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